Wet’n’Wild Arrives in Penneys

There’s nothing I love more than trawling the beauty isles in American drug stores. Within them is a treasure trove of Maybelline that we will never see in Ireland and brands that we’ve never even heard of. One of those previously unknown brands was Wet ‘n’ Wild which I honed in on while in San Francisco. It was really the nail polishes that drew me in. For .99c each they had amazing colour choices. Now I always pick up a few nail polishes from Wet ‘n’ Wild when I’m Stateside because after all nail polishes are my weakness in life. So, you can imagine my excitement when I spotted Wet ‘n’ Wild in Penneys Mary Street last week. Penneys are going through a beauty renaissance at the moment with the roll-out of their own line of makeup but they’ve also nabbed us some other brands. Not only is Wet ‘n’ Wild super affordable, the quality is pretty great. I love me some purple lipstick so I was like a moth to a flame when it comes to this lovely shade. It’s called Sugar Plum Fairy but It’s a very good DUPE for MAC‘s Rebel Lipstick. This has a semi-matte finish plus it’s really long lasting. And for 2.99 I’m calling it love. The glitter nail polishes were purchases from America but they are available in Ireland now too. The formula is quite watery so they’re perfect as a sparkley topcoat but stick with it and apply a good few coats you’ll get a lovely glitter finish. I’m looking forward to seeing what else the brand has to offer now that it has hit Irish shores, it’s one less brand I have to pine over, but still no Sephora.

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