We’d talk about the future like we had a clue

Dress – Penneys/Primark | Shoes – Asos | Tights – Penneys/Primark

I can’t tell you how many times over the past week I’ve stood in my garden in the bitter cold running back and forth to my tripod and camera trying to get an even semi-good outfit shot. I’ve tried everything from slef-timers to remotes with each shot worse than the last. How is it that other bloggers make it look so darn easy? Yesterday I didn’t even try attempt going outside as it was beyond freezing and at this point who am I kidding, I won’t be able to take a proper shot myself. At least not with my lack of patience in the cold. Instead I opted for some awkward shots in my bedroom, hey it’s a start! Anyway I hope that you all had a lovely Easter. I’m currently trying to make my way through too much chocolate whilst I continue to avoid my last ever undergraduate essay. I can’t believe that this is my last week in college. I’m hoping to make the very most of it with with friends, hopefully with some posts along the way.

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