Turn My Lips Pink

barry m Turn My Lips Pink TMLP
Matching your lipstick to your skin tone and complexion can be hard task, almost as hard has finding the perfect foundation. I can’t tell you (seriously its embarrassing) the amount of lipsticks in my possession that I never wear, as they’re too harsh for my pale skin. The problem with lipstick is that it’s more of a guessing game when selecting a colour. You can’t use the sample in the store on your face so you don’t get a chance to see the full effect of the colour until you get home and by that time its too late to return. What’s a girl to do? Makeup counters are more helpful and hygienic when it comes to selecting a shade but that privilege is going to cost you.

barry m Turn My Lips Pink TMLP
Well Barry M, always the leaders in the pack when it comes to makeup revolutions, have released a new lipstick, TMLP or Turn My Lips Pink, and its perfectly tailored to everyone’s skin. Yes, everyone. Don’t get a fright at the shocking green, there’s major technology involved. Once it hits skin temperature it reacts with the alkaline levels in your lips and morphs into a pink hue that is adapted to perfectly match your skin. Think mood rings but way cooler!
Until very recently my go-to for my lips was Vaseline so I’m still a bit shy when it comes to colour and although TMLP gives me a perfectly pink pout I think for me it would be more suited to a night time look as my resulting shade was a magenta pink and not what I normally wear during the day. Overall I like it, the technology is impressive and the formula is really moisturising and simple to swipe on in a hurry.

P.S let me know if you give this a whirl and what colour pink it turns for you!

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