Trending: Ripped Jeans

Is it just me or did ripped jeans creep up out of nowhere for 2014? I’m usually very prim and girly so I was surprised when I found myself constantly admiring ripped jeans. Once I decided that I really wanted a pair the problem was I couldn’t find any that I actually liked. They were either too ripped up or not enough. In some cases I also didn’t like where the rips were. Total Goldielocks over here!
I’m a big fan of DIY so that seemed like the perfect solution. I went with a cheap pair from Penneys/Primark, because paying €60 for the privilege of cutting up Topshop jeans felt very silly. I used a Stanley knife to cut a slit on the knee area and then I just ripped the fabric until I was happy. I have to admit it was oddly therapeutic. The result looked like I had a fall on account of my ripped knees so I added another smaller rip above one knee. This trend isn’t for everyone but for now I’m loving it, I’m sure I’ll feel differently come Winter though.

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