Trending: Birkenstock Sandals

Firstly let me explain – I went to take photos for this post, but my dog, Miley, decided that she really wanted some attention and I just couldn’t get a shot without her in it. The thing is, if I wanted to get a photo of her she would have none of it-she is such a diva!
Anyway, I’m normally more than a few steps behind on the current fashion trends struggling to play catch up, but not this time. For once I may have been a tiny bit ahead – actually no, I’m not that cool. When I saw lots of pictures of Birkenstock’s popping up all over the place I ran to whip out my trusty pair which I’ve had for 4 years years – they actually don’t date! People have been calling them the “ugly shoe”, but I actually really like them and since when did comfy equal ugly? I just love how these mould themselves to your feet. I don’t ever wear open-toe shoes or sandals, but these are the exception. I wore them as I traipsed all over Paris two years ago and I swear I and to look down and check that I wasn’t still wearing slippers a few times! My pair were purchased from QVCUK (I told you I had issues!) and from what I can see they are no longer available, but these ones are pretty similar and I really love these ones too! Although summer is almost over a pair of Birkenstock are worth the investment, not only are they in vogue at the moment, they’re so-so comfy and you can whip them out year after year like I do!

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