Took off faster than a green light, go, hey, skip the conversation when you already know.


Ever since my bedroom has undergone a bit of a revamp I’ve been on something of a creative/D.I.Y binge…I think it’s partly me procrastinating my college work too.

I have something of habit for collecting artwork whilst traveling and never doing anything with it, as much as I may intend to. Well, after purchasing some particularly delightful polaroid postcards in Barcelona I knew I’d just have to do something with them.

It’s so super simple that there was no point photographing a step by step.

1. Take the glass/plastic out of the frame as well as the back. The plastic in my frame was already broken (don’t ask how) so it’s a great way to reuse an old frame.

2. Paint your frame if you like. I used a pale lilac taster pot. Allow to dry.

3. Stick string/wool/ribbon on the back of the frame and hang your pictures from it! I used mini clothes-pegs from Mr Price.


After hanging my pictures I’m so sorry that I didn’t buy more. They were only 1 each and they look so great. They’re from La Parada so if you’re in Barcelona go for a meandering stroll around the enchanting streets in search of them, they’re so worth it.

P.S As for the lyrics, I just really like them! I think I might just start throwing them into headings.

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