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Little Dead Riding Hood” Image via here

I’ve been a Tim Burton fan since before I knew I was one. Most people gush over Edward Scissorhands, and although I love it, The Nightmare Before Christmas stands as one of my all-time favourite films. No, I didn’t find Jack Skellington during my grunger teen years and yes, I know he didn’t direct “Nightmare” before you point it out, he created it though. I fell in love with the film and the characters when I was a child. I also had a fondness for Beetlejuice (the cartoon series was amazing!). In retrospect I must of been a slightly messed up child.
I’ve keenly followed Burton’s films for years and when I heard tell of an exhibition of his work I did a little dance of glee. Even better I would be in NYC when the exhibition first ran. Long story short, I arrived one day to MoMa and it was closed and then again on my final day to find queues three blocks long with a flight in three hours. No exhibit for me.
After making the rounds of the globe the exhibit finally arrived on this side of the Atlantic, in Paris to be exact. So of course I HAD to go. It would have been rude not to!
My high-jinks in Paris will be another post but needles to say I really enjoyed Tim Burton-the exhibition once I finally made it and got some seriously geeky kicks from it.

                                            Tim Burton- the exhibition, Paris. Image via here

Unfortunately I don’t have any original pictures from my experience as photos were strictly forbidden and the place was highly guarded so I couldn’t even snap a sneaky few. Another unfortunate event is that the exhibit is now closed in Paris. But I do have a sneaky feeling that it will make an appearance in London.

Lack of pictures aside I truly adored the experience. Dispute being open for nearly five months and arriving after 6pm the place was choc-a-block. Portraits of Burton’s most famous films greeted you through a black and white striped corridor followed by a glow-in-the-dark room with a specially commissioned carousel by Tim for the exhibition based on Beetlejuice.

                                                                      Image via here
                                                           Thanks for the sneaky photo!

Literally hundreds of Burton’s sketches, drawings, paintings and letters covered the walls telling the story of his inspiration, teen years, his work at Disney and then each of his films. I was shocked by the detail in all the drawings and by how most of them were torn out of notebooks to be displayed, they were truly original pieces that weren’t reproduced. The lines were clearly visible were they had been sketched and coloured in which was incredible to see. On a number of pieces, especially illustrations from the movies, were hand-written notes by the man himself about the subject and memos to himself. If you’re a fan its geekery heaven.
Some of my favourite pieces included:”Little Dead Riding Hood“(above. I enjoyed the humour of it), an 8ft recreation of the deer hedge from Edward Scissorhands,the Batman masks, the actual pumpkin scarecrow from Sleepy Hallow and a handwritten letter from Tim to Johnny Depp discussing Charlie and The Chocolate Factory. In it Tim shares his idea for about a line for Willy Wonka that ended up in the film.

“Everything in this room is eatable, even me. I’m eatable! But that is called cannibalism, my dear children, and is in fact frowned upon in most societies”.

Scarecrow from ‘Sleepy Hollow’
Image via here 

Of course my beyond favourite aspect was The Nightmare Before Christmas. I honestly got goosebumps looking at the original drawings for Nightmare including the notes for Jack’s Lament by Danny Elfman. Told you, utter geekery.

The exhibition was a highlight of my trip, but honestly it was the reason I went to Paris. Even-tough in the words of Audrey Hepburn, “Paris is always a good idea“.

                                                              My tickets into the exhibition

As I said, I personally don’t think that Paris will be the last stop for the exhibit, as I just can’t see it not stopping off in London, despite what the man himself says. If it does, go!

                                                    Tim Burton- the exhibition, Paris. Image via here

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