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this week the daniellediaries
Hey, so it’s been a while! I’ve been all over the place with travels that it’s been hard to find the time to sit down, but here I am. This isn’t so much a this week but a this month…
1. I’m back in work after the Easter Holidays. It’s been so, so hard to get back into the swing of things. I had an amazing holiday, but I feel like I’m only just getting over it all now. Going Abu Dhabi-Delhi-Abu Dhabi-Dublin-Abu Dhabi was exhausting but incredible. I’ll have more in Delhi ASAP.

2. I’m starting the famed Kayla Itsines workout program on Monday. I’ve heard so much about it so I’m kinda excited but daunted to start it. Probably a good idea to pray for me!
3. One holiday is over so it means it must be time to start planning the next one! I’m hoping to fit in a trip somewhere on my long weekend in 2 weeks-maybe Petra in Jordan.
4. I started reading a new book-The Wrath and The Dawn. It’s a re-imagining of Arabian Nights, which feels appropriate to read when I’m in the Middle East. I go through phases where I read very little and then I just go crazy on books-I fell like I’m entering one of my crazy phases – which is just as well because Abu Dhabi is turning into an inferno again!
I hope that you’re having a lovely weekend!

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