This week…


This week I…

1. Started a bootcamp
I signed up for Primal here in Abu Dhabi which is basically a bootcamp for 4 weeks. It’s intense, especially after a full days work and even though I had a false start having to skip 2 sessions this week due to the shock my body was in from actual exercise I’m kinda, maybe enjoying it. Look out for a full update next week.

2. Got my vaccinations for India.
Three weeks and counting for my trip to Delhi. I’m quite nervous about it as I really don’t know what to expect, but I’m also so excited because I’ve never been to any place like India before. I’m especially looking forward to ticking the Taj Mahal off of my bucket list. Oh, and did I mention the vaccinations really hurt?!

3. Binged watched Grantchester
After watching War & Peace two weeks ago I was on a James Norton kick so I started watching Grantchester on my Mama Bear’s advice and its so, so good. If you like mystery and crime dramas this is for you! Added bonus that it’s set in the 1950s-the clothes are so dreamy!

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