This Week…


I feel as if this week went so quickly. It was probably helped along by two surprise days off!

1. Abu Dhabi was hit by a major storm this week, which is exceptionally unusual for this part of the world. Most of the buildings and roads here aren’t made to take rain, so all of the schools were suspended on Wednesday and Thursday-which meant a four day weekend for me! Wednesday brought a lot of destruction with some scary apocalyptic weather, but Thursday was sunny and balmy. It was a bit like being home in Ireland with the crazy, changeable weather.

2. I missed two of my Primal sessions due to the weather. It’s all outside so it was pretty much a no-go. Another session was canceled completely due to weather warnings. So, I only made it to two sessions. But, I feel as if I’m really starting to get into it. I went by myself on Thursday and it did me the world of good. Normally I go with friends, but on Thursday I was flying solo. Usually I hate doing things on my own. I really had to force myself to go. I nearly freaked out when I got there and was told to partner up. I hate partnering with people I don’t know-I’m just irrational about it for no reason. But I ended up with a lovely girl and I had so much fun with my group. I actually enjoyed it a bit more. It really is best to always just go for it. I know I felt ten times better for going and having a bit of fun instead of sitting at home berating myself for not going.

3. I got my final vaccination for India. I’ve had Hepititus A, Hepititus B, Tetanus and Typhoid. The Tetanus hurt so much more than the rest. I found it really hard to sleep because every time I rolled over on my right arm I woke up with the pain from it. I’m glad it lasts for 10 years! I’m already planning a few more trips where I need vaccinations, so it’s good to just have them over with. I also got my visa organised so I can actually enter India. I can’t believe that it’s less than two weeks away now. I’m excited, but a little nervous.

4. I started watching Gossip Girl from the start-a.k.a my favourite TV ever! I brought over my box set from home and bought a DVD player for my sitting room. It’s so nice and relaxing to sit in my sitting room with a few candles lighting and chill-out watching TV instead of being couped up in my bedroom glued to my laptop. Yes, I’m basically doing the same thing, but a change of habitat every now and again makes such a difference.

5. After searching for a new YA novel for ages I started reading Red Queen. I’ve heard so much about it so I hope it lives up to the hype. I’ve only read a little bit, but so far I’m hooked.

I hope that you had a lovely week!

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