The week that was…

So, no Sunday Recipe this week. I was getting worried that the blog was being bogged down by recipe posts as it was the only thing that I had to hang onto. I’m hoping to get something special up for next Sunday, which is Mothers Day (cue crazy panic).
I’m trying to stay positive about the blog but my problem ,as always, is I have too much going on, too many ideas and being a perfectionist (not that you would really think that). My dissertation is draining me, censorship in Ireland does that to a gal. I also commute five hours a day three times a week to college not to mention I’m currently taking a photography course. Its a lot, and I get stressed and distracted and I lose precious time.
Should we talk about how precious time is? I have five whole weeks of college left. That’s it. Not that I’m complaining about giving up commuting and constant reading and essay fever but I’m not sure about whats to come after. For the first time in seventeen years I don’t have the structure of the school year ahead of me. I want to break free, see the world. Find that amazing job and that love and the right place to be. New York why wont you take me? Actually I’d settle for anyone in a media/publishing/beauty job taking me, anywhere in the world-I’m not picky! I’m in the process of applying for jobs, internships and courses and it’s all up in the air. Sometimes I feel on the edge of excitement about all the possibilities but then I experience the overriding fear that nothing will happen and I’ll be stuck in the nowhere.

Anyway scared ramblings and woe is I (apparently woe is me is incorrect, who knew?) over, this week I finally at long last purchased a typewriter. I had been on the lookout for one for quite some time and accidentally stumped upon one in pretty great condition the other day and just knew that we were meant to be. It’s currently holding court on my work in progress desk (see my Instagram sidebar for details on that) and I’m in love. Not only does it look amazingly new it came in a lovely leather case that locks-it’s the little things. Now I just need to track down some ribbon and we’re good to go.

I’ve just made a list in my diary (yep, I have an actual diary not just online) of all the things I want to talk about on the blog in the next few weeks, so here’s hoping to some inspiring adventures and some direction.

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