The Review: Tarte 12 Hour Amazonian Clay Blush

I was oddly pragmatic when I was in Sephora on my last trip to the US. I was constantly asking myself do I really need this, and if I didn’t it went back. That’s how I came to put down a Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush that I had walked around with for awhile but then decided that I was perfectly happy with my Benefit Coralista Blush and it would just get ignored like my Nars blush. I ended up really regretting it because they are one of those products that people rave about. Tarte wasn’t available in Ireland or the UK so once I realised that I should have gotten it there was nothing I could do.
Tarte finally arrived on these shores in March when it came to QVCUK, but the blushes sold out before they were even shown on TV, so is the popularity and myth of these blushes. I decided that I would have to try them when they came back in stock, but then I was left with the hard decision, which colour? Of the 15 colours in the collection QVCUK only stock 5, but they are probably the best of the whole collection condensed with a colour to suit everyone. Sometimes you can take a chance on purchasing over the Internet other times it ends in disaster. Blush is one of those disaster zones. The wrong colour blush is a big no so I didn’t know which one to go for. After a lot of debate, watching the show to see swatches and tweeting presenters that lead to a mention on one of the shows (eeep!) I chose ‘Blissful‘ a pinky/coral tone because at the end of the day QVCUK have an awesome returns policy so I could use it and if the colour was wrong I could send it back. Thankfully I made a good call and ‘Blissful is the one for me.
As the name says the blushes are made with Amazonian clay that makes it really great for your skin. Another thing, Tarte are completely ethical and don’t test on animals which is something I always worry about. The texture of the blush itself is amazing, it’s definitely unlike any other blushes that I’ve previously tried-it doesn’t feel powdery on the skin and just gives that perfect natural flush. It’s so build-able and blends really well unlike others which I feel just kind of sit on the skin and look unnatural. I found the colour to be very flattering and natural that actually lifts and brightens my whole complexion. And it really does last 12 hours if not longer. I can see what all the fuss is about.

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