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I’m a YA novel fanatic. At 22 there will be no shaking me from my love of it. It gives me such joy to discover a new series and then wonder how in the name of the angle I didn’t know about it to begin with. Like Taylor Swift I fall fast and hard and fangirl all over a book series. Harry Potter, Twilight, The Princess Diaries, The Hunger Games are among my favourites. I wont claim to be super hardcore because I mainly discover books once they’re beginning to come to mass attention but I normally get in there right before the big explosion- case in point I found Twilight a full 6 weeks before the film came out. Last November the trailer for The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones debuted and of course I trotted into town that very day and made the purchase. The synopsis sounded pretty far out, angles, demons, secret foreign lands, vampires (sigh!) and be warned you are about to be introduced to a whole slew of new vocabulary- Shadowhunters, Parbatti, Slientbrothers, The Institute and Runes- but needless to say I was hooked pretty quickly and excited that there were five books to enjoy. But once that was over I felt the low and disappointment that I would liken to a post break-up depression. TMI had lasted longer than my previous series and when the end came I just wasn’t prepared.

My rebound novel normally occurs in the confinements of Fanfiction.com-it cushions the initial blow but letting go becomes that bit harder. But the great thing that I discovered about TMI was that there was a prequel series, The Infernal Devices. Like getting into any new series I was hesitant. Although it was familiar (same concept) it just wasn’t the same…or so I thought. I had Clockwork Angle in my possession for over a week before I took the plunge. It was the first day of my holiday and I was wrecked after being up for 24 hours straight and thought that the book might ease me into sleep-150 pages latter I realised I’d fallen into the love trap, again.

Once I boarded the cruise ship I quickly finished the book and then I was left adrift, in more ways than one. How could I go on without knowing what happened? How could I wait until the following Tuesday to get hold of the second book? I had the realisation that I could download the book on my trusty iPad, which was what I did. Clockwork Prince came to be in my possession then and there docked in Malta. Technology is pretty darn amazing.

Whereas The Mortal Instruments is set in present day New York, The Infernal Devices is set in Victorian London making it the main attraction for a history geek like myself. I found that it also differed to the original series in that it was more character based than demons and the likes in TMI. Oh, and what characters we have. There’s Tess, Jem and Will. And yes, there is a love triangle, but it works. 
For the first time in my vast series experience I felt I might be invested in the wrong team. I chose Edward and I choose Peeta, rightly. But my love for Jem felt as if it were going to end in tragedy with his death but I just couldn’t help myself. And wheres Jacob and Gale gave me all kinds of fangirl rage I found myself a little torn for Will too, that for me is the measure of a great series.

I was on tenterhooks for the two months leading up the release of the third and final book in The Infernal Devices series, dying to know how it would all end but wishing that it wouldn’t at the same time. I wont spoil any of the books because I  obviously think that you should drop everything right now and go read them but lets just say that my mind was blown by the revelation at the end about the Silent Brothers. Before I read Clockwork Princess I would have said that you would get away with reading the first few Mortal Instruments books but now I highly advise reading all five then starting the Infernal Devices because it all does tie in together better. In saying that my Mam read half of TMI wasn’t feeling it but loved TID and totally understood it all (yes, my Mam is an uber-hipster). I enjoyed The Infernal Devices more than The Mortal Instruments in the end to the point that I think it may be my favourite series ever *says that quietly incase Harry Potter hears*I read a great quote from a fellow fan online that said Clockwork Princess was “a love-letter to fans” and I couldn’t agree more. It had a very satisfactory ending to the whole series which is actually quite difficult to come by.

The last book in The Mortal Instruments will be released next March and the first film, starring Jamie Campbell Bower and Lily Collins came out is out in August. And if that wasn’t enough to get me by there are already whispers of a Clockwork Angel film. Excited I am.

Needless to say that when I paid a quick visit to London a few weeks back I just had to go visit BlackFriars Bridge – a very important setting in the book, especially if you’re a Jem girl like myself.
The Infernal Devices London
P.S if anyone has any Y.A books that they could recommend me now that I’m in mourning again it would be much appreciated. I just finished Looking For Alaska by John Green after loving The Fault In Our Stars which was all kinds of awesome.

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