The Goodbye Gossip Girl

I have never loved a series as much as I loved Gossip Girl. But lets be clear, I mean Season 1 and 2 pushing to 3 maybe. And then as far as I’m concerned it ended then. Over. Forever. Nothing else happened. Okay? Chair happily ever after. Lets just forget the rest. 

GG has been dying a very slow and painful death for the past few seasons and had some very questionable storylines that part of me is relived that it’s over with. But I’m also slightly devastated that there will be no more GG, its bitter sweet. But lets look back on the good times. The Best of Gossip Girl…

Top 5 Best Episodes

1. Oh Brother Where Bart Thou? (S2, E12)

2. Hi, Society (S1,E 10)

3.Seventeen Candles (S1, E8) 
4.Victor, Victrola (S1, E7) 
5.Belles de Jour (S4,E1) 

6.The Handmaiden’s Tale (S1, E6)

(Super sad fact: I didn’t need to look up any episode titles or numbers, I knew them all by heart to the end of season 2)

Top Fashion Moments
The Handmaiden’s Tale

Juliet Doesn’t Live Here Anymore

The Serena Also Rises 

Much ‘I Do’ About Nothing 

Petty In Pink

Seventeen Candles

Belles de Jour

The Scarf! Need I say more?

Top Songs

  1. Signs, Block Party
  2. One Week of Danger, The Virgins
  3. Sour Cherry, The Kills
  4. Three Wishes, 
  5. Stripper, Soho Dolls
  6. You’re a Wolf, Sea Wolf
  7. Empire State of Mind, Jay-Z
  8. Cosmic Love, Florence and The Machine
  9. Rolling In The Deep, Adele
  10. Dancing On My Own, Robyn

Best Episode Titles

GG had some killer episode titles, always a play on other films or books.

  1. The Thin Line Between Chuck and Nate
  2. Summer, Kind of Wonderful”
  3. Where the Vile Things Are 
  4. Beauty and the Feast 
  5. “Easy J”
  6. “Inglourious Bassterds”
  7. “The Empire Strikes Jack”
  8. “The Debarted”
  9. “How to Succeed in Bassness”
  10. “It’s a Wonderful Lie”
  11. “Pret-a-Poor-J”
  12. “There Might Be Blood”

Gossip Girl at its very best…

Final Thoughts
Gossip Girl was strongest in its early seasons but I thought that the finale worked well. Especially the last 15 minutes. It felt like everything came together in such a wonderful way. Even though I had always pegged xxx (I don’t want to ruin it!) as potentially Gossip Girl I was still gobsmacked by it. And that’s what originally made the show so good, the OMG moments. I can’t wait to re-watch it all from the start.

You know I loved you Gossip Girl, 


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