Techie Essentials for Blogging

technology essentials for blogging

I won’t pretend like I’m a hardcore blogger, but writing and managing a blog does take a considerable amount of time. From setting up shots, taking the photos, writing the post, to linking on social media-it all takes a while but I have some techie bits and pieces that make it all that bit easier for me to manage. Lets get to the techie talk…

My first, and most important, essential item is my Nikon D5100 camera. This is what I use to capture every picture seen on my blog, except for the above. It was a massive purchase that I made in San Francisco (it was so much cheaper there) almost three years ago. It took me a while to get to grips with it (so many settings!) but I took a class last year in the MKF Institute which really helped and I finally stopped using it on manual the whole time. When shooting beauty products I tend to use my AF-S NIKKOR 35mm 1;1.8G lens which I bought with my birthday money a few months ago. I wanted something with a low f:stop-it gives great focus to a subject with a lovely blurry background, it’s also amazing for shooting street style. I use my kit lens, the AF-S DX NIKKOR 18-55mm 1:3.5-5.6GVR, which came with my camera when I’m traveling as its a more ‘everyday’ lens with its ability to zoom, as the 35mm is a fixed lens.

I use a USB card reader to transfer my photos from my camera to my Mac. I bough a few of these off of eBay for $1.16-I kid you not. I then edit my photos in Preview-usually just a bit of colour fixing and I cut my images down to 640px. I sometimes use CollageIt Free on my Mac too. I then change the name of the photo (SEO!) and then I upload it directly to the blog. Some bloggers use Flicker etc. but I prefer to upload them from my computer.

I live rural Ireland and I literally only got broadband in 2010. I use a mobile broadband called mi-fi from Three Mobile which gives me wi-fi for my computer and every other device in my house. I would still have a dial-up and thus no blog if it wasn’t for mobile broadband.

I sometimes make rough notes on my iPad using the Evernote app, but I almost always write my posts on my Macbook, so that’s my other massive essential. I can’t deal with PCs anymore-once you go Mac, you don’t go back! My iPad mini comes everywhere with me-its so light! I defiantly recommend it over the standard iPad. Evernote is also a great place for me to jot down ideas that I have for the blog and inspiration that I come across-yay for screen grabs! The rest of my actual posting is pretty standard. On to how I manage my social media.

Once I publish a post I pop over to my Twitter and Facebook to publicise it. I pick a picture from the post and attach it to the Facebook status and my tweet. Then I do Instagram. To get my photos onto my iPad for Instagram I use another card reader made especially for the iPad Mini, once again from eBay. It takes the photos directly off of my SD card-this is also supper handy when I’m traveling to upload my photos and then delete them from my memory card. I sometimes find if I save images from the blog to my iPad/iPhone it pixilates them which is why I use the original. I use TweetDeck on my Macbook and Hootsuite on my iPad for managing my my social media pages and scheduling tweets. Being able to schedule tweets with links to my blog is great because some days I really don’t have time to keep up with everything. It’s also especially good for tweeting links out early in the morning (hey-did you catch yesterdays post?) or late at night. I’ve also used it when I’m travelling and my access to Twitter is limited.
I hope that you found this useful in some way. Let me know if you have an questions below.

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