Sunday Recipe: Baby Potatoes and Bacon Salad

This is very much a stereotypical Irish thing to say, but I love potatoes. Give them to me in any shape or form and I will eat them, no matter what. I suppose I could do a three ways to…post about them that would be more along the lines of 100 ways to eat potatoes but that would be excessive, even by Irish standards. Here goes week 5 of Sunday Recipe. Enjoy…I did!

You’ll need
-baby potatoes
-egg mayonnaise

1. Cook your baby potatoes. Once soft cut up in chunks and allow to cool.

2. Using a grill cook your bacon until it’s nice and crispy then chop it up.

3. Add the potatoes and bacon to a bowl then add the mayonnaise and a sprinkling of parsley. Mix well and then serve.

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