Summer Nails

Summer has been slowly trying to edge it’s way into the picture the last few weeks. Some days it feels like its winning and other days it loses spectacularly to the rain. I’m going between light shirts and woolly jumpers-hello living in Ireland! Seeing as it’s so hard to embrace summer fashion-wise I always turn to my nails first. That’s were you see the first summer hints with me. I replace the dark blue hues with pretty pastels.

Here are a few of my favourites that I’ll be wearing this summer…

Ciaté Jewel-there’s not that cheers the soul more than glitter nail polish shimmering in the Summer sunlight, well maybe that’s just me. I’ll confess to wearing this all year around but I enjoy it that little bit more in the Summer months. I’ve never worn it without a bunch of people asking me where I got it. Don’t be put off that it has to be ordered online or that it’s a tiny bit more expensive than a drugstore brand, it’s really worth it.
Barry M Limited Addition Superdrug Birthday-I do love my nail polish, that much is pretty clear but what I really love is finding something different. That’s why I fell for this one. It’s a limited addition to celebrate Superdrug’s 50th Birthday so get it while you can. The base colour is a stunning Fuchsia that’s then layered with pink and purple glitter. Defiantly a standout colour.
Rimmel 60 Seconds Ring A Ring O’ Roses-pink has been everywhere this past year so it’s not surprising that the colour de jour for this Summer is yes, pink. Rimmel are unbeatable for their vast range of nail polishes not to mention quality. This colour is a medium pink but you can easily go lighter with Etherial or darker with Coralisious.
Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Greige Gardens-I have debates over whether this is Lilac or indeed Greige. It’s probably somewhere between the two of them. Practically, I love the brush application with this and the formula is a dream. It’s a bit more muted and demure than the usual Summer colours on offer.
Barry M Mint Green-always my go-to hue come the Summer. I love this colour so much, I’m pretty sure it is my favourite nail polish. I find it so bright and cheery. It also surprisingly goes with a lot of outfits.
Barry M Dolly Mixture-I do like a coat top coat every now and then and this one caught my eye a few weeks ago when I was browsing. It’s made up of speckles of yellow, coral, green and purples that work great over pastels. But I kept layering mine over a clear base-seriously I put on 4-5 coats!- and I got a really awesome effect.
Let me know which colours you’ll be wearing this Summer. I’m always looking for new recommendations!

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