Scent of a Woman

For the past few months I’ve been slowly working my way through a whole list of films that I’ve never seen before. I’ve uncovered some gems, and sat through a few that bored me senseless. The film that stuck with me most was the first film that I watched (go figure!), Scent of a Woman. It’s a wonderful film and me trying to describe it just wont do it justice I’m afraid. So instead I advice a screening of it, pronto!

Anyway, the film got me thinking about what your perfume says about you. Fun and girly? Outdoorsy? Big personality? One bottle can really capture an essence of a person. I tend to always go for light scents, mainly floral, as strong ones can give me headaches. 
Your perfume says so much about you. So what’s your sent? Mine is Red Roses by Jo Malone. The name really does give the game away. My Mum is also a Jo Malone lover but floral scents aren’t for her. She’s a Pomegranate Noir women.

It is admittingly quite the splurge but it makes me excited saving up and then I love the treatment you get in Jo Malone and the lovely box with the bag and the bow and the scented paper and it makes me feel special every time I reach for the bottle in the morning….and have I convinced you of my love yet? I constantly get complimented on my perfume and it’s a really nice feeling. Every single time that I go to spray my Jo Malone it makes me feel amazing and every time I catch a smell of the fragrance throughout the day it gives me a little perk me up, which is how a perfume should be.

Even if you don’t realise it you probably have a signature scent associated with you. A few years ago around the time I moved to college my poison of choice was Chance by Chanel. One day my Mum went into my room and spayed some of the perfume on her but when she went back into the kitchen my dog Miley sat up and started sniffing around her and was very confused. Of course she was, she could smell the scent that she associated with me but I was nowhere to be seen! It’s funny how our perfume becomes part of us and how much our dogs notice! It’s the little things.

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