Review: Exfoliating Foot Mask

Firstly, I have no photos of this whole process because it was disgusting from start to finish. So rejoice/don’t worry, no icky feet with descaling skin to see here.

Okay, with that out of the way let me start by saying I have the worst feet in every possible way. I hate them. I’m so self-conscious of their hideousness that I have never-and probably wont-ever get a pedicure dispute how much I would love to. My big problem with my feet is the horrendous skin on them. I have welts, dry skin and everything else skin related that you can think of. I’ve tried pedi-eggs, nibbling fish and every exfoliator over the years to no avail. When I heard of the new treatment on the block, exfoliating foot masks, it quickly peeked my interest and I was more than willing to pay the 25 price tag attached to try it. Lucky for me I didn’t have to fork out that much as Penneys/Primark now have their own version for 3.50.
At that price I had nothing to loose. I picked up a packet last week thinking that if it worked great, if not oh well. It’s not actually a mask but plastic socks that have a liquid in them. I popped the pair on and put my feet up to watch a movie. Do not try to walk around in these, seriously you’ll kill yourself and it feels gross with the sloshing water feeling! I left them on for 90 minutes before removing and washing off the remaining liquid in the shower. My feet looked no different or in the morning for that matter. I honestly forgot about my feet then. I glanced at them a few days and saw no difference. Then 8 days after trying the socks I noticed that the skin was starting to peal. It wasn’t bad, at first. Two days later I took another inspection of my feet after my shower and God it was revolting. I felt like a reptile shedding a layer of skin. I could see all the dead skin that was peeling away as it had gone soft and white in the shower. The directions on the pack state that you shouldn’t pick the skin, and I agree. You’ll only hurt your feet and possibly give yourself an infection. Instead I started rubbing my feet with my fingers and all of the skin began to fall away. I took out my long discarded pedi-egg and used that too. To say a whole tone of skin came off would be an understatement, once again disgusting.

I’m super impressed with the masks as they really worked. All of the dry skin is gone, especially on my heels. My feet were in a really bad condition so if they worked for me I think they would work for anyone. If you have an event I’d advise doing the mask at least two weeks beforehand. I bought the mask in a large Penneys in the beauty section, but they’re also by the queue for the til. I had assumed that they wouldn’t be available in smaller stores but I spotted them yesterday in my local Penneys in the shoe section, so have a look around for them.

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