Return of the Mc:Busted are back

I always wanted this to be an online diary – the hint may have been in the name – with all aspects of my life covered and not just all things beauty like my last blog, which is why I felt the need to share this.

“Just because I’m nerdy…”

Firstly let me explain, I have a tendency to become obsessed with things I really love. I latch on and I just wont let go. I was truly obnoxious in my obsession with the band Busted in my early youth-massive apology to those people whose ears I bended talking incessantly about Busted when I was around the ages 11-13. But the big thing with Busted, for me, was it was the first thing in my life that I felt passionate about and interested in. Before I had a tendency to go with the crowd about what was cool even if I didn’t like it. With Busted I wasn’t afraid to stand up to friends who scoffed at them and say “Okay, you like Snoop Dogg and Evanescence, but I like Busted“. It was okay to like different things and have different interests. I also credit Busted with getting my interested in music. I never really thought about music until them, although I was a big Spice Girls fan back in the day. I adored their two albums and still listen to them the whole time. When people think Busted they tend to hear chorus about Air Hostesses, Crashing Weddings and heading to the Year 3000 but they have some really thoughtful and hidden songs on their albums that never made it as singles such as Losing You and Meet You There. Through Busted I automatically became a fan of McFly. Both bands were very interlinked writing songs for each other and having the same management. I was right there four rows from the stage the night that McFly played their very first concert opening for Busted on their 2004 tour. I followed everything Busted did but that led to devastation when the guy with the eyebrows decided to walk away from the band two years in and everything fell apart and I had to move onto other bands, but I always gravitated towards the Busted songs on my iPod. I did still like McFly, they have some awesome songs, but it was from an ambivalent distance with an odd song downloaded here and there.

McFly + Busted = McBusted 

When two thirds of Busted surprised everyone by hitting the stage at McFly’s 10 Year Anniversary Concerts for one big collaboration in September my Twitter feed lit up and I died a little on the inside at having missed out on it all. See, I had already booked a trip to London for the following week to see Danny Elfman in the exact same venue before I knew about the McFly concerts. I wistfully looked around the venue the following week thinking what could have been. But, whispers soon started that a merge was on the cards to the point that when the announcement finally came in November no one was really surprised. What did surprise me was the sheer size that the tour grew to, even as a massive fan I could never have expected that so many others felt the same way about Busted. I suppose we all crave nostalgia at the end of the day, not to mention catchy tunes. The morning tickets went on sale I couldn’t get through the booking system for 45 minutes which resulted in awful tickets for the O2 London. A few weeks later McBusted announced a Dublin gig which was typical after I decided to travel to London to see the concert! I ended up selling my London tickets because even though I wanted to go to both it wasn’t very realistic. The Dublin concert finally rolled around the other night and I had a blast reliving all the songs with one of my best friends Lynne, who I was so glad to share the experience with. The concert was so fun and energetic with the best audience interaction that I’ve ever experienced- it was like one big party. One of my favourite moments was when Busted “crashed” Tom Fletcher’s Wedding Speech-genius! What really stuck us was the amount of young teen girls there who must have only been 3 and 4 years old the last time Busted toured. As I screamed along to my favourite songs I realised I loved all those songs because they had all come to mean so much to me, they’re filled with memories of friends, growing up and driving around with my mam singing along. It was great to rewind time but there was also something so fresh with the lineup and different. I would  be totally cool with another tour!

Proper non-fangirling posting will resume shortly!

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