Recipe: Goats Cheese and Spinach Puff Pastry Pies

I had never really eaten goats cheese until a few weeks ago. Of course I’ve had it from time to time on pizza and when dining out but I suppose the point I’m trying to make is that I had never actually bought it before. I like cheese, but I don’t love it. Apricot and smoked cheeses are great but I wouldn’t go crazy on them. But of course I’m now mad for goats cheese. So I’ve been trying to come up with recipes for me to incorporate it into-instead of just eating a block of it on its own-oops!My absolute favourite has been theses mini pies. The idea is pretty similar to my egg cups in theory. Who knew a muffin tin could have so many uses? They may look snazzy and difficult but they are the easiest things I’ve ever made and have quickly become my signature dish.

Ingredients- makes 4
-one roll of puff pastry
-2 eggs
-frozen spinach
-splash of milk
-handful of chives
-10g goats cheese
-5g of Parmesan cheese

1. Sauté the defrosted spinach with a bit of olive oil.
2. Grease your muffin tray with butter- I think butter works better than oil, but its up to you. Roll out your pastry and cut in into squares big enough to cover the tin plus have extra around the top. Carefully press the pastry into the tin folding it where you need to to make it fit.
3. Crack your eggs into a bowl and then add the milk, chives, Parmesan and finally  salt and pepper to taste.
4. Now to fill the pies-add a spoonful of spinach first, then fill the little pies up to the top with the egg mixture. Lastly place some small pieces of goats cheese on top. Place them in the middle tray of the oven at 22oC. Leave them to cook for 15 minutes.

There really is no prep with these, except sautéing the spinach. I’ve made these a few evenings when I’ve come in late and I want something quick yet tasty. Great with a salad but I prefer mine with homemade chips, of course, when I can. I also made them when we were having a little get-together over Easter and they went down a treat. Now to come up with another recipe to try with my muffin tin!

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