October Favourites

When I flew back to Abu Dhabi in August (a whooping 10 weeks ago!) it felt like I had an eternity stretched out ahead of me before Christmas, but time is flying by. My mom arrives on Friday for a visit and then once she goes back I only have a little under 5 weeks until it’s time for Christmas. I really can’t believe that it’s the end of October already. Over the course of the month I found myself coming back to a number of products again and again.
The Body Shop White Musk was always a perfume that I loved since I was little when I used to spray it on myself every time I went into my local chemist, but I never owned it until I picked it up on a whim a few months ago and now I’m completely obsessed once more. I love a light scent most of the time and this is just so beautifully fresh and comforting. It’s my go to almost everyday for work.
I’ve become a massive lover of Essie nail polishes in the past year and I’m always looking for an excuse to buy a new shade. After buying nearly all the reds and burgundys I could find I decided to go for something different and Topless and Barefoot was just the thing. I didn’t think just a bit of nail polish could mange to make me feel so ladylike, but when I have this on I just feel so grown up and preened to perfection (probably an over exaggeration on my part!).
Usually at this time in Ireland my lips are in a dire state from the cold and although I don’t have the winter winds to contend with over here, the air conditioning is wrecking its own havoc. After falling in love with Clarins I gave their Instant Light Lip Balm Perfector 02 a go. I find this perfect for just swiping on in a hurry. It’s really moisturising without being sticky. This shade walks a fine line between being a pink and a coral so it adds just a tiny pop of colour without the hassle of lipstick-making it perfect for anything.
On a non beauty note I spent most of my month making my way through three series of Suits. I used to watch the show a few years ago but I just fell out of the loop with it so I wanted to catch up. All I can say is what a show and if you haven’t already seen it get on it ASAP!
Anything I should be checking out for November?

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