The month that was…November


How are we at the end of November already? I feel like this month flew by! Here’s a little roundup of what I got up to..

  1. I turned 25 on the 7th and it was a bit scary. It feels a lot more grown up than 24 for some strange reason. And I am not ready to be a grown up.
  2. I may have treated myself to something very naughty for my Birthday! Life’s to short and all that jazz.
  3. I watched a lot of great shows on Netflix this past month. I had started Narcos back in October, but I took a break at the start of the month for The Crown, which I had been waiting months for (hello my new Downton Abbey substitute!) I highly recommend both. It took me a while to get into Narcos, but it was worth it. I also binged-watched Gilmore Girls: A Year in The Life this weekend like everyone else. I loved how familiar it all felt-maybe because I watched the whole, entire series back in September?!
  4. We had an exciting delivery at La Bella Vita HQ in Wexford at the start of the month. I spent months working on getting Pearl and Mason as one of the bands in our store. They have the most beautiful Wedding Planners I’ve ever seen. They’re exclusive to us in Ireland which makes it extra exciting. It’s an amazing feeling knowing that brands want to work with us. Have a look at the planners here. Don’t forget we ship worldwide!
  5. I started packing up my room. Even though I don’t leave Abu Dhabi for another 7 months I started organising everything in preparation. Yes, I know I’m an eager beaver, but I want to start bringing things home at Christmas. The reality of leaving is slowing starting to sink in. And even though I’m ready to move on I am starting to panic about the future.

Although I love November it’s not quite the same in the desert. I’m an autumn/winter girl so I miss that greatly. I am so ready for it to be December now, December 15h to be exact. I finish work and then I fly straight to Prague to meet my mom for the Christmas Markets. This is the longest I’ve ever gone without seeing her, so I’m eagerly counting down the days. Then we go back to Ireland the 19th. I’m so excited to just be home and see everyone. There really is something so special about traveling home for Christmas. I can’t wait.

How was your November?

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