My weekend at Teen Vogue Fashion U 2013

Teen Vogue fashion U 2013
As you may already know I was fortunate enough to attend Teen Vogue Fashion U in New York City last weekend and needles to say it was an amazing and eyeopening experience. It was an extravagant decision to go, I admit, but a beneficial one. I found the whole experience to be such a confidence boost as well as so motivating and inspirational. The weekend opened up the world of Vogue for me and made me realise that although I face a long, hard road my dreams are not entirely that unrealistic and that with hard work (and a visa) I might just get to work at Teen Vogue some day. It’s going to be difficult to condense such an amazing jam-packed weekend into a post, but I’m going to try…
Express Kick-off Event
Teen Vogue fashion U 2013 express
Teen Vogue fashion U 2013 express
Teen Vogue fashion U 2013 express Danielle Mahoney Andrew Bevan
On Friday night myself and Desiree headed uptown to the Express Kick-off event. We had a great time mingling with fellow students whilst shopping in the store and it was great to finally put faces and real life people to the avatars. I had the opportunity to chat to Andrew Bevan, the Style Features Editor of Teen Vogue, whilst there and he made for lovely company for the short time I was with him and not to mention he was very insightful in answering my questions on how to approach my big move to NYC and get started in the industry over there.
Amy Astley and Teen Vogue Editors
Teen Vogue fashion U 2013
Early Saturday morning over 500 of the most ambitious future editors, stylists and buyers all packed into the Hudson Theatre hoping to get an insight into the career that we all desperately seek. With thousands of applications I felt lucky to have been one of those attending. Most students where from all different corners of America, including my roomie Desiree who’s from California.With 26 countries being represented by students I wasn’t the only one that had traveled to be there. The opening seminar was with the editor of Teen Vogue, the lovely Amy Astley, and the other editors of the magazine. This was a fantastic way to kick off the weekend because straight away the editors turned the questions over to us setting a precedent for the rest of the weekend.
Teen Vogue fashion U 2013
Stephanie Winston Wolkoff- The Fashion Facilitator
After the the Q&A we all headed over to the Condé Nast building for our different seminars. It was pretty surreal riding up in the elevator and seeing all the different magazines from Lucky to Vanity Fair. We all dared each other to hit the button for the 12th floor-Vogue-but alas we just made it to the 9th-the home of Teen Vogue. My first talk was with Stephanie Winston Wolkoff. If there’s a fashion event happening in New York you can bet that Stephanie is behind it. Yep, I’m talking Fashion Week. Stephanie thought me that you really have to embrace hard work and long hours but that the result in the end makes it so worth it. Sometimes it is the fear that’s puts people off, I know it definitely scares me, but seeing a wonderful and ambitious women like Stephanie really inspired me.
Jennifer Behr- Getting a Head Start In The Fashion Business
Teen Vogue fashion U 2013 Jennifer Behr
I took this seminar because I saw the title of Getting a Head Start In The Fashion Business and thought that it would be invaluable, and it was. But on top of that it turns out that Jennifer is the brains (and head) behind a lot of Blair Waldorf’s headbands. As a massive Gossip Girl fan this was pretty exciting to me not to mention Jennifer kindly gifted us all with our own headbands.

Teen Vogue Editorial Floor Tour
Teen Vogue fashion U 2013 office tour
The tour of the Teen Vogue offices was the highlight of my weekend. I almost missed out on it as places booked up so quickly and unfortunately as a result of choosing the tour I missed out on going to the Alexa Chung seminar. I have so many photographs from the office and this post is very picture heavy that I’ve decided to cover it in an extra post, so keep an eye out for that by following me on Facebook -shameless promotion, I know! (Update: Here it finally is!)
Kate Phelan – A Coveted Career
Kate Phelan teen vogue fashion u 
British Vogue is one of my favourite magazines so when I saw that former Fashion Director was on the lineup I knew that I had to go. Kate is now Creative Director of TOPSHOP- a coveted career indeed. It was fascinating to hear Kate speak about how she got to where she is now in her career. After hearing from so many amazing Americans it was nice to hear from someone from my side of the pond.

The Fashion Bloggers
Teen Vogue fashion U 2013
The bloggers talk was a surprising but welcome addition to the weekend. The creative forces behind Into The Gloss and The Coveteur gave a fantastic talk on the world of blogging. We’ve all gone digital now-dontcha know!- and these aren’t just any old blogs but mini publications within themselves. The go-getter attitude of Emily and co was really infectious during this talk and it really inspired me to put some thoughts that had been floating around my head into action.

Teen Vogue fashion U 2013 topshop
Teen Vogue fashion U 2013 topshop
Teen Vogue fashion U 2013 topshop
Teen Vogue fashion U 2013 topshop
Once the long but fun day was over with we hopped on the subway or grabbed caps and headed downtown to TOPSHOP for a private readers event. TOPSHOP is more of a novelty in America because it only arrived over there in 2009 and to date they only have 4 stores. I would feel sorry for them but they have Sephora! As I’m a keen TOPSHOP-er I was excited to look around but they carried all of the same stock as we have at home plus it was a tad pricier with the dollar conversion. Never mind, I spent my time sipping mock-tails (that’s cocktails without the alcohol!) and delicious mini apple crumble and caramel pies not to mention paying the ice cream bar a visit.


The Editors Eye
We all settled into our seats Sunday morning and watched the documentary about the fashion editors of Vogue, The Editors Eye, which I highly recommend watching if you have even a fleeting interest in the fashion business. It was so insightful and fascinating not to mention wonderfully funny at times.

Eve McSweeney and Phyllis Posnick
Last but certainly not least we had the opportunity to have a Q&A session with Phyllis Posnick, the current Fashion Editor of Vogue, who really tells if like it is when it comes to the fashion and publishing world. Then with a cloud of sadness we all lined up to collect our diplomas and posed for a photo with them.

In all I had a fantastic weekend. Of course New York is always a good idea and I loved being back in my favourite city but the weekend really drove it home to me that I need to be in New York working in the magazine industry. I’ve been so confused and sacred these past few months but now I know where I’m going. Teen Vogue Fashion U really was a fantastic opportunity and I’m so glad that I went. See you all next year! Maybe.
Teen Vogue fashion U 2013 Danielle Mahoney
Getting my outfit snapped outside
Teen Vogue fashion U 2013 Danielle Mahoney
Getting silly photos taken with Hope and Desiree
Teen Vogue fashion U 2013 Danielle Mahoney
Outside Condé Nast HQ


  1. October 30, 2013 / 3:15 am

    I'm glad you had a great time too!
    I really liked your pictures and your hair color!
    I would love it if you checked out my post on Teen Vogue Fashion University!

    -Chloé Akari

  2. October 30, 2013 / 12:48 pm

    Hi Chloé,
    Thanks for taking the time to read my blog. I had a look at yours, it's so fun to see everyone else's pictures! Also your outfit posts are great!x

  3. November 11, 2013 / 5:21 pm

    you lucky girl, bet it was sooo fun x

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