My inflight travel essentials

For the first sixteen years of my life I could count the amount of times I travelled on a plane on one hand. I’ve been incredibly lucky that over the past few years I’ve had the opportunity to travel to some amazing places in the world. The only downside to that traveling is flying. Blame it on Lost but I hate flying. It’s the fear and the boredom that drives me crazy. But I have learned a few things and quite honestly I don’t think you’d get me onto a flight without these essentials to make things a little easier.

I need to have Vaseline, it’s non negotiable. My lips dry out so much on even the shortest of flights and it drives me to distraction. I’ve left more tins of Vaseline on flights than I’ve brought off so thankfully they’re cheap. My favourite for traveling is Coco.
I equate being on an aeroplane to being on a rollacoaster-my stomach is always in bits and I can’t be faced with food. The only thing that I can eat and not feel sick after is Original Pringles. Odd I know, but they’re very plain tasting and don’t upset my stomach and settle it a bit if I’m not feeling great. Pringles are thankfully something that are always on sale on flights but they tent to cost 2 for the small tube. I come prepared with my own large tube! 
I picked up this super comfy travel pillow in TKMAXX and I couldn’t be without it. I know that the blow up ones seem like a good idea space wise but they are not comfortable at all in my previous experience. I think it’s worth investing in a good travel pillow for long-haul flights.
I find the best way to make the flight go quicker is to distract myself which is why I bring a book or magazine to distract me with, great advice there I hear you say, but especially when it comes to magazines I make myself read every article, I don’t just flip through it. On this trip I’m going to be reading Billy and Me by Giovanna Fletcher and Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher.
It reassures me to have travel sickness tablets with me and I normally take them as instructed before flying long haul. I don’t tend to need then flying on shorter flights but I also carry Motillium. If you do ever feel sick remember that they are there to help and they do have certain medicines and remedies on board.

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