My favourite nail polish of the moment

Here’s something to know about me, despite my well known obsession with nail polish I always forget to paint my nails before an event or even a night out with friends. It always slips my mind until the very last minute, leading to a major panic. Of course this happened to me yet again when I had a college ball to attend a few weeks ago. I had removed my red polish but forgot to paint my nails before heading to Dublin and naturally I didn’t take another polish with me. I quickly picked up a nail polish in Penneys just to get me by and wouldn’t you know a quick purchase with little thought put into it ended up to be a great buy. Grey-t to be here by Essence is a grey/lilac shade with a pearlised  glitter going through it, which is always a good thing in my book. Grey neutral tones are still a big trend and this colour works great with any outfit as its impossible to clash it. It’s become a staple for me. For 1.89 I think I’ll be adding more new colours to my collection.

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