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As I already rather briefly mentioned here, I started my own business back in September, which has been pretty scary/exciting. It’s an online store, with lots of jewellery and stationery (basically my favourite thing ever!)

It’s going considerably well, considering I’m still working full-time in Abu Dhabi. It’s been an incredibly difficult task to try run a business when I’m abroad. All of the products are in our offices in Ireland and shipped from there, but I underestimated just how difficult day-to-day things would be. The smallest things have turned into massive problems. I can’t have everything exactly how I want it, which is frustrating. But I’m learning to just go with it for now.

One of my favourite aspects of La Bella Vita is the shopping-of course! Although it can be a bit stressful at times it’s so exciting to find new things.

I love everything in the store, but there are a few things that really stand out for me personally. We’ve also gotten lots of new things in since I’ve been away so I’m looking forward to having a nice shop in the office when I get home in 4 weeks-surely it’s allowed because I’m the boss?


Ciara Necklace, €28

I love this necklace, it’s one of those things that has grown on me even more since I first saw it. I love wearing this with just a plain grey t-shirt during the day or with all black to really make the turquoise pop. It was also the first necklace that we sold on the site when we launched and has been really popular. I like to think of it as a good luck charm.

Scorpio Necklace, €20

I was so excited when I came across these Zodiac Star Sign Necklaces. I’ve always loved delicate jewellery, more-so than big statement pieces. These come in all the star signs in gold and silver. They’re so pretty and the prefect “can’t go wrong” gift.

Kate Stud Earrings, €12.50

I probably wear these the most out of anything else along with my Karma Necklace. They’re the perfect daytime earring. The colour is a muted mint which is my favourite colour and they surprisingly go with just about everything.

Rifle Paper Co. Bon Voyage 2017 Calendar, €28

I was so excited when Rifle Paper Co. allowed us to stock them. I’ve been a massive fan of them for years and as soon as I decided to start La Bella Vita and knew I had to get them. I had purchased the 2015 Calendar and framed each of the prints so I definitely wanted to 2017 version for the store (and myself!). As I said you can take out the prints or use it as a normal calendar. This years version has beautiful prints of India, Paris, London, Rome and Amsterdam.

Mary Lou Earrings, €16

Mary Lou holds a very special place in my heart as these were the earrings that really started it all, they were the first item that I purchased for La Bella Vita. They come in two colours, this one which has beautiful pastel stones or the more vibrant red and blue called Mary.

Fluer Bracelet,€16

Although we started out initially with just necklaces and earrings we have since branded out into bracelets and rings. I just love the Fluer Bracelet, maybe it’s the mint colours again, but I just love the pop of fuchsia!

C’est La Vie Print, €18.99

Again this was a bit of a personal addition to the store. I had seen so many of Cat Coq’s beautiful prints online for a number of years so I really wanted to stock some of her pieces in the store. I absolutely love them, it was so hard to pick just 6 designs to stock, but I think the C’est La Vie Print is probably my favourite.

Betty Davies Earrings,€18

Yes, I know it’s Bette Davis, but everything is named after friends and family so this is a play on the name of some people that are very important to me. Their names are Davies so I decided to call these Betty Davies. I love these earrings so much. They feel so appropriate for this time of the year. I’m planning to wear them with my black cami and black jeans on nights out over Christmas.

Vincent Necklace,€28

As I said, all the jewellery is named after friends and family or people I admire. I got a little bit of flack from the men in my life for “forgetting” about them and in a joke that’s probably gone too far I named this stunning piece after my neighbour Vincent. There’s also match earrings available.

As I said this is just a small selection of my favourites. We ship worldwide with free shipping on all jewellery, so go treatyo’self!

Have a look at the site and tell me what your favourites are!

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