Just Another Mani Monday

stud nails

Happy Monday!

I can’t say that I’ve done very much today. We’ve had awful weather and road-floods so I’ve been stuck at home all day. Thankfully I’ve been pretty engrossed in my new book; The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones . I hadn’t been aware of the books until the trailer for the movie came out Saturday. I’m pretty much an advertisers dream because I ran out and bought the book straight away. I highly recommend it!

Anyway onto another Mani Monday! This week I went a bit more out and tried stud nails. In a word, they’re awesome. They take a bit of time but it pays off!

You’ll Need

  • Nail Polish (I used OPI Black Onyx)
  • Clear Polish (I used Essence)
  • Silver Nail Studs (purchased from Ebay here)
  • Tweezers

First off paint your nails your chosen colour and allow to fully dry.

Next get your studs out and ready to go. Paint a thick strip of nail with clear polish , allow it to become tacky for a few seconds. Pick up a stud with your tweezers and place where you want on your nail depending on the pattern that you want. As you can see I alternated every second nail with one strip of studs and then three strips on the other and so on. My preferred way was to start applying the studs at the bottom of the nail and work my way up. Depending on the length of the nail I fit 3-5 studs. If you’re doing another line on a nail repeat the step of a strip of polish and apply the studs. Once you have a line completed press the tweezers down over the studs to make sure they’re properly stuck and then carefully apply a layer of clear polish over them to seal.

I found it time consuming, about an hour, but it wasn’t too hard to do even on my right hand. Now don’t expect the studs to stay on forever. I washed my hair last-night and lost two studs, by the time I woke up this morning I’d lost a few more. I’ll probably start spitting them up soon!

stud nails

Great for a night out, but not for everyday wear. They are pretty rock’n’roll though!


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