Just Another Mani Monday: Read All About It


I’ve wanted to try this manicure for the past year but I never could figure out what rubbing alcohol was and were one could get it. Turns out its Vodka! I’m not a drinker of it, or any alcohol really, so I popped into my Dad’s pub to fill a small bottle of it. My Dad nearly keeled over when I shock horror asked for Vodka, he couldn’t quite understand what I was planning to do with it though!

You’ll Need

A base coat- I used Barry M Matt White
A top coat- I used Essence Absolute Pure
Rubbing Alcohol- I used Vodka
Small Plate

1. Paint your nails your chosen colour and leave to dry
2. Cut up small pieces of newspaper.
DSC_01553. Dip the newspaper in the alcohol and place over your nail. Press the wet paper onto your nail but don’t rub it otherwise the ink will run. The harder you press the better the imprint.

    4. Peel the newspaper away and you should be left with the imprint of the writing on your nail.
    5. Dry off and seal with a clear topcoat.

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