Just Another Mani-Monday: Feelin’ Blue nail trends

The first thing that anyone would be struck by at seeing my vast collection of nail polishes is how blue hues dominate. I just can’t stop buying them, I just gravitate towards them in the store and then BAM they’re mine. My moms constant reaction is “Don’t you already have that colour?” Me: “Um…no. This colour is like at least one and a half shades lighter”…or so it goes. Although I love blues, mint colours just get me everytime. So much so that I might have to start admitting that my favourite colour ever, powder pink, may have been replaced by mint as it begins to colour my life in every way. 

But back to nails, why do I love blue so much? I simply think it’s because its trans-seasonal. Lovely lights are perfect for summer and darks make a divine impact for winter without being dreary and depressing. Not to mention blue never fails to cheer me up.

(Clockwise from the right)
   O.P.I Russian Navy Matte -matte effects were one of the first on the scene before the explosion of crackle and caviar manicures and although it had taken a back seat expect to see it everywhere again this season as chalkboard nails are all the rage. I find this polish works best when my nails are a little longer otherwise it can look exceedingly dull.
   O.P.IYoga-ta Get This Blue! – it took me an age and a half to track down a light dark blue, as I call it. This shade is still one of my favourites and is a great alternative to black for a classy manicure.
   Nails IncCadogan Lane – I would liken this to a petrol colour but the glitter lifts the colour so it’s not dull.
   Rimmel Azure – this is one of those colours that instantly puts me in a good mood when I catch sight of it. If I’m ever undecided on what colour to pick I normally go with this as it never lets me down.
   Barry MBlueberry – is the ultimate summertime colour and should only be worn if you intend to do some serious ice cream eating.
   EssenceFall For Me-is a much softer more relaxing blue and easier to pair with different outfits as its almost too pale to clash with anything.

   Barry MMint Green– the award for my all time favourite polish goes to this beauty.  After admiring it on a shop assistant in a bookstore I asked her the name of it because I knew that I needed it in my life. It does take 2-3 coats but it lasts and I never tire of it, even three years later. Please for the love of God don’t ever let it be discontinued!

   China GlazeFor Audrey -aka Tiffany Box Blue. I love this colour as it matches perfect with the famous Tiffany colour. Although other companies have tried this is the official colour named in honour of Audrey herself. I like to purposely clash this with other clothes as it really stands out.
Barry M Ridley Road– of course I had to have this seeing as it was a similar shade to my beloved Mint Green but I’m undecided on the textured effect even leaning more towards not really liking it.

What shade will be added to my collection next? Probably anything any everything! But I did spot a lovely Rimmel nail polish today that is very similar to Fall For Me, but I’m convinced that it’s just that tiny bit lighter…

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