Just Another Mani Monday…but really its Tuesday!

budget DIY Caviar nails

So, Mani Monday didn’t happen yesterday, apologies. Things have been a little hectic as I come to the end of Term. Its crazy how quickly time is going! Anyway sorry for the lack of posting all around, I am a bad blogger but also Nikon have my SLR currently in repair it so its stalling everything. Fingers crossed that it returns to me soon!

Anyway this week I decided to try out the Caviar manicure. This has been on my radar for months but I just didn’t get around to purchasing it, I just couldn’t find the time where I wanted to part with 25. That’s a lot of normal nail polish! Instead I purchased beads on eBay which are a dead ringer for the Caviar beads but cost 1.50!

You’ll need
Caviar beads, either the brand ones, that I shan’t mention or the cheap eBay ones that I used
Nail Polish of Choice
Clear Nail Polish

DIY Caviar nails

Step 1
Paint your nails, even though you don’t really see it with the beads it covers any little places that it might miss.

Step 2
Mix the different colour beads in a small bowl.

Step 3
Paint your nails a clear colour and then sprinkle your nails with the beads. Once the nails are coated press the beads in to make sure that they’re stuck on and brush off the excess ones. Do this over the bowl, less messy!

Step 4
This is optional but I topped the beads with a light coat of clear polish to seal them. Don’t apply too much though as it can run the colour of the beads.

budget DIY Caviar nails


I’m pretty much in love with this. Thoughts?


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