Just another Mani Monday

I had a Mani Monday all planned, (it seems to be the only thing that I can plan for this blog at the moment!), but whilst I was queuing in Penneys yesterday I spotted their new foil wraps and I just knew that that was what I was going to feature today.

I’ve found foil wraps to be pretty much hit and miss in the past. I didn’t like Nail Rock but loved Sally Hansen. About 18 months ago Penneys had nail foils that got top marks from me but sadly they stopped them for some reason. I had high hopes for the new ones but sadly they seem to be hitting the middle road veering onto not amazing territory.

The application process is supper simple, it took me around 20 minutes. You just fit the foil to the nail, cut if you need to but I only found that I needed to cut two to shape. Press the foil onto the nail (hard!) and then file off the top part.
They looked great when I first did them but then things started to go downhill, rapidly. Two foils fell casualty by the time I went to bed last-night and a few others had already worn away at the tippy-top of my nail.

I guess you get what you pay for, at €1.50 you cant really complain over some scuffing. They’d be great for a night-out, especially coming up to Christmas, but don’t be too devastated when they show some wear and tear. I’ll definitely be purchasing again and there were a few different designs too. Next time I’m going to try sealing them with a clear coat of nail polish.

P.S Penneys is the same Primark!


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