Introducing…my Charlotte Olympia Kitty flats

Charlotte Olympia Kitty flats IrelandCharlotte Olympia Kitty flats Ireland Danielle MahoneyCharlotte Olympia Kitty flats Ireland

I have been obsessed with the Charlotte Olympia Kitty flats since I first saw Katy Perry wearing them way back in October 2011. I really wanted them and who could blame me? They are amazingness personified but the price-tag attached to them was enough to send me scurrying for something similar and cheaper, but nothing could compare. For two long years I’ve pined for them and eventually I began saving for the real deal. Unfortunately they weren’t available to buy in Ireland and after finally trying them on in London I decided it was now or never in New York (the dollar was better than the sterling!) so I did it. *cue the awkward moment when your credit card company rings to ask about the large transaction just put on your card and you have to explain that you just bought expensive designer shoes*.
I’m well aware that it is a lot of money for shoes. Really! I mean even once I bought them I stared at them in my hotel room and wondered what have I done, until a few few moments later when I was prancing around in them. But honestly I adore them. I saved hard for them putting away birthday money as well as tips from when I worked as a waitress but it made me appreciate them that bit more. Not to mention every time I wear them I feel special. And every time I catch sight of that cute kitty face I feel happy inside. So, whatever makes you happy-at least that’s what I’m telling myself. I’m also glad that I spent money on something that I really love instead of cheap shoes from Penneys that I’m going to throw out after a few wears. And after all you only live once, I may as well be happy but broke in my kitty shoes!
I of course had to wear my Kitties to Top of The Rock- my two favourite things all rolled into one!

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