In the words of OkGo…

Here it goes, again.

No, I mean that. This is my 1, 2,3, FORTH time attempting a blog! I forget and/or get bored easily, also Blogger hates me but I’m giving it another shot.
I did successfully write a beauty blog for over a year but I got a bit restless with it. There’s only so much you can write on makeup and the likes so I thought I’d start afresh with a brand new blog but I just hadn’t gotten around to it, until now that is. I’m not going to forget the beauty aspect completely, I am obsessed after all. This is going to be a big vast mixture of things including photos, fashion, home decor, cooking and some articles. It’s going to mirror my many different interests instead of just one this time.
Now time to get into the swing of things all over again!
P.S Just because I love this video and it’s appropriate!

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