“I think you’re amazing”,Emma Hardie’s Amazing Face review

I have a confession to make(this is my online diary after all), I’m pretty terrible at keeping a skincare routine. I cleanse my face, and that’s pretty much it. Terrible, I know. And truly awful as a beauty blogger. I also haven’t committed to a brand of cleanser. I used Liz Earl’s Cleanse & Polish for a time and loved it but the posting costs from the UK annoyed me to no end, so I moved on. For about six months I was using Noxema which I picked up on my last trip to America. At $6 I’d advise giving it a go if you spot it somewhere. Once I finished the massive tub of Noxema I was confused about where to go product wise with so much to choose from. I considered Dermologica but then my Mam introduced me to Emma Hardie’s Amazing Face and now I’m hooked!

To my fellow beauty addicts the only way I can describe this product is that its like the cleansing version of Elizabeth Arden’s Eight Hour Cream in consistency and results, or perhaps a high-end version of Vaseline!

I was pretty sceptical about it because it didn’t look like any cleanser that i had previously used, but so far so good. I had experienced dry skin for a while even-though I have oily skin. EH has completely sorted this out and my skin always feels hydrated and luxurious. Not only is it heaven on my skin it smells delicious too.

I’ve also been using the Emma Hardie facecloth which deserves the title of amazing itself. I always loved the Liz Earl Muslin Cloths but I sometimes found them too rough on my face, especially around the eye area. EH’s facecloth is muslin like on one side and super soft on the other. I use the soft side first to remove my makeup and then the rougher side to lightly exfoliate especially around my chin as that’s my main problem area. 
The main thing that I look for in a cleanser is that its suitable to be used around the eye area, and this ticks the box. Although I do suffer a case of the panda-eye in the morning if I just use this to remove my eye-makeup, but I am known to cake on the mascara that’s pretty indestructible.
Amazing Face is also multi-functional in that it can be left on overnight and used as a moisturiser, although don’t do this every night.

All in all, I’m obsessed and now fully committed to Emma Hardie. I’ve been sneakily robbing my Mam’s eye-cream and moisturiser and can safely say that I’ll be investing in them soon!

Emma Hardie is available in Arnotts and from qvc.co.uk who do brilliant starter kits.

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