I shall never forget that you are responsible for my happiness

DSC_0090 Coming at this a bit late (two months to be precise) but I really wanted to dedicate a post to my birthday invitations from my 21st.

I was torn between wanting Alice in Wonderland invites or Marie Antoinette. A quick stop by Etsy and you’ll see just what a conundrum that decision was. After hours of trawling through Etsy and narrowing it down again and again I finally chose a Marie Antoinette design. (Similar here) It cost me €9 to have it personalised and it then dropped into my inbox a few hours later.
I could have just printed them out myself but I decided to get them professionally printed on glossy paper. For 80 invites it cost me 30.
Next were the envelopes, silver of course! And then to top it off I sealed my invited with a wax stamp with my initial engraved which I purchased on eBay (here). It may have been OTT buy I loved them, and everyone who received them did too!


I just wanted something more personal to give my friends and family instead of doing it through texts and Facebook. Technology has taken away that personal touch to events that I really wanted for my party.

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