How To: Easy Marble Nails

marble nails plastic bag
Ask anyone, I’m known for my nails. Whether it be the new ‘it’ polish or a spot of nail art, I’m always up for something new. Pinterest fuels this addiction and when I spotted marble nails I went crazy for them but for the first time I just couldn’t master the trick. The water technique was just too difficult to get any decent results with. Recently I spotted another version that looked even more amazing and I decided to give it a whirl to great results.

You’ll Need
three or more nail polishes. 
I used Matt White and Mint Green by Barry M, Boudoir by Ciate, Wyndham Place and Shoreditch by Nails Inc
a plastic sandwich bag
-kitchen roll
-nail polish remover
marble nails plastic bag
1. This is pretty messy so lay out kitchen roll where you’ll be working and then apply Vaseline around your cuticles. Next apply a base coat, I used my ever faithful Matt White, and allow it to dry. This is really important in case parts of your nail don’t become completely covered over with the marble design.
marble nails plastic bag
2. Open all of your bottles of nail polish so you’re good to go. Doing one nail at a time start by applying blobs of nail polish to your nail in each of the colours that you’ve picked-be a ninja here because you can’t let the polish dry. Grab the plastic and place it over the nail and press down to smear the nail polish around and then remove the plastic. The first two times I used cling film instead of the sandwich bag but the static in the cling film pulled a lot of the nail polish with it and the effect wasn’t as good.
marble nails plastic bag3. Allow your nails to fully dry then clean up any mess on your fingers with nail polish remover. Lastly swipe on a coat of clear nail polish to seal.
marble nails plastic bag
marble nails plastic bag

I really love these and they are easy peasy. You don’t need to be a pro with the nail art pens to have lovely talons. I normally find it difficult to achieve the same look on both my hands as I’m pretty shakily  with my left hand which is why I love this look because its easy to do on both hands. These are probably my favourite nails that I’ve attempted and I’ve gotten so many compliments about them. You can do any and as many colours that you want. Have fun!
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