Have you ever thrown a fistful of glitter in the air?

The glitter that I have left over from my brogues is sitting on my desk staring my out of it as I try cross the finish line with my dissertation. Staring at me I tell you. So what else could I do only use some of it to sparkle up my nails as my poor fingers type away?

You’ll need 

-a nail polish- I used Barry M’s Mint Green (one of my faves!)
-clear polish

1. Paint your nails your chosen colour- I just love mint colours, they never date for me.
2. Allow to dry and apply a layer of clear polish and immediately sprinkle glitter over. You can completely cover your nails or leave a bit of polish on show.
3. Apply another coat of clear polish to seal the glitter.

Yeah, I’m finding glitter everywhere but alas I love it all…my mother, not so much!

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