Getting To Know Abu Dhabi

Five weeks ago today I boarded my plane in Dublin and began my Abu Dhabi adventure. At the time it felt like I had an infinity ahead of me before I would be coming home again for Christmas, but time has been flying. I’m now a third of the way through my first term and today I booked my flights home for Christmas. Before I know it I’ll be on that flight home.

I thought I would be really homesick here, but oddly I haven’t been yet. I think it’s because The Middle East is strangely like being in a hybrid of the UK and the US. I thought I’d be writing weeping emails home begging for care packages baring Dairymilk from my withdrawals, but Diarymilk and practically everything else that we have at home in Ireland is easily gotten here and it’s actually cheaper to buy here in most cases. I have friends in America and Europe who are having way more difficulty than me tracking down some home comforts. It’s also not as restrictive as I though it was going to be. So many people had warned me not to be scandalising the locals by showing off my pale arms but everyone here wears t-shirts and I’ve seen a lot shorts too, which is just as well because it’s still in the high thirties here most days!

So far I really am enjoying living in Abu Dhabi. I’ve surprised myself with how easily I’ve adapted to my new city. I do miss my family, my friends and my beloved dogs but it’s not unbearable. I know I’m going to be seeing everyone in a matter of weeks so I think I’m in an “just get on with it and enjoy it” mode.

Work keeps me very busy during the week so it’s only at the weekends that I get a chance to explore. One of the things I’m immensely enjoying at the moment is living a mere five minutes from Sephora! A lot of the well known American restaurants are here so I’ve finally gotten to try some things that have been on my wish list for a while like Shake Shack, Dunkin’ Doughnuts and Pinkberry, which has become my new addiction in life. So many people raved about Cold Stone Creamery that I just couldn’t ignore it any longer. Lets just say it was uh-mazing and I promise to dedicate more to it another time. P.F Chang’s has also become a love of mine, I’m still dreaming out the Honey Chicken I had there.

I’m looking forward to a possible trip to Dubai Mall next weekend and then the following week I’m hosting my first visitors. I still have to visit the Grand Mosque, although I have caught sight of it a few times-it’s mighty pretty! I honestly have a list as long as my arm to get through over the next 8 months.

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