Everybody’s talking about…Epsom Salts

Epsom salts in a bath

I swear everywhere I’ve turned for the past few months everyone has been talking about Epsom Salts. It all started back at Teen Vogue Fashion U when Into The Gloss creator Emily Weiss mentioned them during a talk that she gave. I had scribbled down a note that said “must try Epsom salt”  but forgot all about it in the hubbub of the weekend. A few weeks ago I saw an exchange on Twitter between Life of a Lady Bear and Róisín Flanagan and it sparked a reminder. Since then I just haven’t been able to escape the words Epsom Salts. So, the other day I popped into my local health food shop Only Natural in search because now I was just dying to try them. I purchased 500g of Epsom Salts for 3.95. My mother’s response was to laugh at my new purchase because, that’s been around for years!

Firstly though let me just say that I’m not a big bath person. I go through phases where I have a bath twice in a short period of time then I generally tend to forget about it until another whim strikes. The most action my lovely jacuzzi bath has seen is from my dogs. It’s not that I don’t enjoy baths, it’s just the effort. I’m just lazy. 
So what are the benefits of Epsom salts? It’s mainly said to help with water retention and bloating with excess fluid and toxins drawn out of the skin during the bath. The salts can also be used to exfoliate. Either mix it with your usual cleanser to exfoliate your face or use it with a little bit of water on the rest of your body. I found it particularly good on my legs! Further investigating found that you can and should use Epsom for a million (okay I’m exaggerating) different things such as a natural hair volumizer which I haven’t tried…yet! The oddest thing? Liv Taylor apparently swears by soaking in Epsom Salts and hydrogen peroxide or baking soda…I had to fact check the hydrogen peroxide on a few different sites. It is apparently an okay thing to do.
I’m not sure if I saw a noticeable difference after my first bath using them but apparently you should use them 2-3 times a week. As I said above I’m not sure about my commitment level to this but I’ll try and report back. I will admit though that I missed my bubbles and lovely treats from Lush in my bath. But, my skin did feel softer though. After reading up further about Epsom Salts I am now adding coconut oil to my shopping list! The things we do in the name of beauty! 

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