Do you pre-cleanse?

Do I what? Let me explain, although it’s pretty self-explanatory. Pre-cleaning is really just cleansing twice, also known as double cleansing. Why? Well, I wear a lot of make-up in my day to day life so getting it off at night is a bit of a task. I’m quite obsessed with having a squeaky-clean face at night, which makes sense. I talked about pre-cleansing in my mammoth skin care routine but I wanted to talk about it more. I started double cleansing because I just didn’t feel like my skin was benefiting from just one cleanse.  I always had the sneaking suspicion that there was always some makeup left-yes, total first world problems. When you think about it your night-time cleanser is trying to do a lot-remove makeup and take care of your skin. It has to do twice the work of your morning cleanse. So, I use one cleanser to take off the bulk of my makeup then I use another one to really pamper my skin and make sure that it’s super clean and that I’m not sleeping with half of my makeup still on. I use the Clarsonic which was another reason why I started double cleansing, the brushes were getting really dirty very quickly from the makeup. So at first it was necessity but now it feels quite sensible.

Here are my top 3 pre-cleansers… 
This is one of the best cleansers on the market. I love the texture and the smell of this is just other-worldly. Sometimes I use this twice when I’m being bold and not using my Clarsonic. Although a solid it melts on contact with the skin to turn into the most beauty and gentle oil which makes it a perfect pre-cleanser.
Cleansing oils make great pre-cleansers. What you’re really looking to do is take away the makeup layer and not wreck your skin with harsh products . Oils are go gentle and soothing but they also takeaway a big bulk of makeup easily. This one is perhaps the lazy girls cleanser, and very similar to the Shu Uemura one, because you don’t have to wait for it to melt-those few seconds are crucial at the end of a long day and all you want is your bed!
The new kid on the block is giving everyone a run for their money. Bioderma had everyone obsessed with their Micellar Cleansing Water, but unfortunately it was only widely available in France so Garnier decided to mass produce one. I love this for taking off my makeup quickly. A bit really saturates a cotton pad. This is also my go-to after nights out and I’m just not bothered to go through the whole cleansing thing-I loath cleansing wipes. For €5 I think that everyone could benefit from having a bottle of this on hand. And even though I’ve been using it a good bit lately I seem to not have used that much. Magical.

My second cleanser is surprise, surprise Liz Earle’s Cleanse and Polish, which is the dream with a Clarsonic. I’ve seen a big difference in the texture and overall appearance in my skin since I’ve started properly cleansing. As a result I’ve been using very little foundation during the past few months because as I don’t really need as much anymore, it’s just for a bit of colour correcting these days. Success.

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