D.I.Y Glitter Brogues

D.I.Y Glitter Brogues like MIu mIu

I got into my head that I really wanted a pair of glitter brogues (blame Miu Miu). The thing was they were kinda pricey compared to the super cheap none glitter versions in Penneys. There was a lot of glitter knocking around shops just before Christmas and I got the idea to try make my own to quite successful results, if I may say so myself.

You’ll Need
-Glitter (duh!) – I got mine in Mr. Wright
-Brogues- mine are from Penneys/Primark
-Silver Spray- in most pound shops or DIY stores
-PV Glue
-Paint brush
-Clear Glue
-Silver Ribbon
-Old newspaper

Step 1
Spray-paint your brogues silver. Do it outside because the fumes are a lot to take. Leave them to dry fully. I waited overnight.

Step 2
Paint a thin layer of glue on a section of the shoe and then coat with glitter. It’s best to hold your shoes over newspaper, believe me! Continue all over until the shoe is covered in glitter and repeat on the second shoe, unless you want one glitter shoe and one normal. Allow to dry and shake off any excess glitter.

Coat with a thin layer of clear glue to seal the glitter. I found that a few places were patchy so I applied some more glitter to those areas. Allow to dry. The next day apply another thin coat of glue just to make sure.

Step 4
I had to poke out the holes for the shoelaces where they were blocked with glitter and glue. Lace up your brogues and then you’re ready to sparkle!


Somethings I’d Do Differently
I should have done a second coat of sliver spray because around the top of the shoes it’s harder to cover in glitter so more sliver would have given better coverage and less of a chance of the brown being visible.
I also should have applied the sealing glue with a paint brush as the applicator with the glue dragged some of the glitter and it was messy. Make sure that you do the whole process over newspaper so it’s easy to clean up. I also only used less than a third of the tube of glitter so you don’t need very much of it surprisingly. Resist the urge to buy the large pots. It’s hard, I know!

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