So, I’m currently writing this post covered in grey paint. There is a reason though, I’m in the process of painting the outside of my house with my mam. Girl Power!

Anyway, here is a quick round up of what I’m currently up to…
WatchingTrue Detective. I’ve been trying to catch up on everything that I’ve missed out on over the past few months from movies to TV shows. My favourite film so far has been Saving Mr Banks- what a perfect film the cinematography is a dream. We started True Detective the other night and quickly got through the 8 episodes. It was so, so good. 
ReadingThe Mortal Instruments: City of Heavenly Fire. If you remember I got into this series about two years ago and whilst I initially liked it I loved the spin-off series. I was eagerly awaiting this book so I could see what happened to all of the characters. It was perfectly okay, but that’s just about it. The series could have done with ending after the initial trilogy. The other three books just felt like a lot of filler. The one big upside was that there was a bit extra Internal Devices thrown in in places which thrilled me and my fangirl ways.
Listening to…Vance Joy Riptide. I first heard this song when I was watching the first series of Reign but since then it’s been on the radio a lot. It’s just one of those songs that’s so chilling.
Loving…Peoniesthey are my favourite flower but they’re so hard to get.  When I saw them in Lidl last week I just had to treat myself and they now have pride of place on my office desk. They make me feel all snazzy and professional. 

Lusting after…a sunny trip abroad. I feel like I’m starting to get cabin fever being stuck in Ireland but alas I’m pretty sure soon I will have the opposite problem.

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