Charmed, I’m sure

Anyone else running around like a headless chicken trying to think of, and subsequently purchase, Christmas presents? I can’t come to any conclusion as to what to buy for anyone. Normally I’m so on the ball, not this year though!
I am thankful though to those friends who own a Pandora bracelet, like myself. Come Christmas or Birthdays I know exactly what to get and better still it really means something special.

I’ve had my Pandora bracelet for over 5 years now after my Mom bought me one when they first came out. She has one too and soon after my auntie and cousins followed suit so now we each have charms from the other and its great to look at it everyday and remind me of all those people in my life. I have charms that symbolise so many and events in my life over the past few years.

My first charm was a converse, still my go to shoes!
My lock and key from when I got my Junior Certificate results. I passed!
My snake from when my Mom visited Verona.
My snowman from my best friends for Christmas 2009.
My Birthday cake from my seventeenth Birthday.
My Buddha from when I visited San Francisco in June 2011.
And my Elephant, a symbol of friendship from my oldest friend for my Twenty-first last months. Admittedly I shed a tear over this one.

I currently have my heart set on the adorable camera charm and to mention a few picked out for friends for Christmas. 

If you’re stuck for present inspiration Pandora is the way to go.


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