Brushing Up

The OCD freak in me would love to have a makeup brush collection that is all perfectly the same, but honestly I just can’t justify spending money on brushes when I don’t need them. I have a mix’n’match collection that has been curated over the years and so far they are all serving me well. But they are on notice that as soon as they stop being good new Real Techniques brushes will be happening!
Here’s a look at my current collection that get the most use…

1. MAC 219 – if I step away from my usually beige colour eyeshadows things start to get a bit scary, which is why I love using this brush to apply colour and then I blend everything in until my eye-makeup looks semi-way decent. It really reminds me of those dodgy sponge applicators that I used in my teen years but so, so much better. This is a ‘mini’ brush from a Christmas collection but you can get the large one here.
2. Real Techniques Stippling Brush – good makeup brushes used to cost a bomb, but the the Real Techniques brushes came on the market and they are awesome. Not only is the quality of the brushes really high they do an amazing job at applying makeup. I like this brush for the good coverage that easily builds up. It’s so hard to resist buying more in the RT family!
3. ELF Powder Brush – the best budget brush buy (try say that fast three times!) on the market. This has gotten intensive use as both a foundation brush and a powder brush without any shedding. For 3.95 do make sure that you grab one of these- I guarantee that you will use it.
4. Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette – I think my favourite thing about the Naked 2 palette has been this brush that I use for concealer instead of eyeshadow (oops!) the flat side pats on cream concealer really well whereas the ‘fluffy’ side is great for giving lighter coverage. Double up and use both and there is never a blemish in slight!
5. Tiger Lip Brush – applying red lipstick without a brush never really ends well for me, so I picked up this brush on a whim one day, but it turned out to be 2 well spent. I like a slightly bigger brush for applying lipstick rather than a smaller one. I also like how flat this is so I find it easier to control.
6. MAC 168 – contouring still scares me but the whole terror is made a tiny bit better with this nifty little brush-once again this is from a collection but it’s defiantly a worthwhile addition in the large size to any makeup bag for a spot of highlighting, contouring or setting powder.
7. Bare Minerals Full Flawless Application Face Brush– this came with my Bare Minerals set years ago and after giving up on the mineral powder I started using this as a blush brush, sometimes it’s best to go with what you already have. I like a large, fluffy brush to apply blush as a preference and this one is great for hitting all the right places on the apples of my checks.

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