Beauty Wish List

I’ve gotten very good at reigning in my beauty purchases. At one point I was full on beauty crazed and had to buy and try everything. But then the inevitable happened, I ended up with drawers of products that I didn’t like. So now I have turned to making lists of things that I really want after reading a lot of reviews and watching YouTube videos. It’s a lot easier to make informed decisions about beauty purchases these days and I love it. I crave all the information and the pictures and then I love the thrill of the purchase. Makeup is my weakness more-so than fashion. With that in mind here is my very carefully combined list of products that I will be purchasing soon.
Benefit High Brow Glow– I am obsessed with eyebrows and after filling them in I love nothing more then using a touch of highlighter underneath my brow bone- it makes all the difference. I have been avidly using Benefit’s High Beam for years but after attending a Benefit demonstration I saw High Brow and I need it.
Soap & Glory Smoothie Star Body Buttercream-I think that this will be the one that I purchase first. it’s actually more of a re-purchase because I used this a few years ago after getting a mega Soap and Glory set for Christmas and it was brilliant. I have ridiculously dry skin on my legs and this sorted me out. I need it ASAP.
Hyaluronic Hydra Powder by Terry– I like trying new and exciting products and this one definitely ticks those boxes. Described as “A true cosmetic innovation, this ultra-fine, colourless powder of micronized hyaluronic acid and silica microbeads is the new beauty step for a soft, matte, corrective finish”. Sign me up! It’s pricier than I would ever consider for makeup but I have a feeling that I might cave. 
Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask-I’ve fallen head-over heels for Origins in the past few months. Most of my skincare routine is made up of Origins but I’ve had my eye on it since seeing it featured on I Covet Thee more than once. I love my Origins Ginzing Moisturiser but I feel like my skin needs an extra boast in this weather.
Clinique Chubby Stick in Richer Raisin– confession: I don’t own a Chubby Stick. I know, for shame! I am planning on rectifying this shocking situation soon. Part lipstick, lip gloss and lip-balm it’s right up my street now that I’ve started wearing deeper lip colours but I’m still a bit paranoid topping up my shocking reds when out and about. This will be my perfect solution. 
Benefit The PORE-fessional Agent Zero Shine– I’m pretty sure that Benefit is the most used word on my blog but it does make up the majority of my makeup bag so it only makes sense. I am an avid user of The PORE-fessional primer so with news on the street of a new Benefit launch in The PORE-fessional family I can’t wait to try this when it hits stores in February. 

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