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It’s become a bit of a tradition for me to treat myself to something from Cahrlotte Tilbury every time I visit home. Charlotte Tilbury is currently unavailable in the UAE, which is probably a blessing for my bank account. So, it feels all the more special to pick out a purchase and then get my hands on it in Brown Thomas.

My first purchase was at Christmas last year when I went for the cult favourite Filmstar Bronze and Glow – Face Sculpt & Highlight after hearing so much about it. I’m normally terrified of bronzers or contours because of my pale complexion, but this is just perfection. I actually look like a possess cheekbones once I’ve used it. It’s nice and subtle and not dark at all. And the highlight is hands down the best one I have ever tried. It adds such a perfect glow to my skin that I’m always amazed by. This makes me feel like my best Zoolander and I just can’t stop admiring it. It’s definitely magical!

After the success of my first purchase I careful considered what to go for next and after coveting the eyeshadow pallets I decided to get the The Dolce Vita Palette on my Easter trip to Ireland. I’ve said it before and I know that people think I’m crazy, but I don’t like the Naked palettes. For me these four shades are all you need to create so many beautiful looks. The champagne colour has dethroned my favourite eyeshadow Kitten by Stila. Although they both look similar the CT one just looks more satin on the eye to create such a flattering and sophisticated look with one swipe of a brush. The purple/brown eyeshadow is unlike most of the eyeshadows I’ve seen before and although it looks intense it comes out so light and warm. Now lets talk about the glitter-although I can’t use it everyday (sob!) I love this. It’s so perfectly glittery without being tacky. It stays on the eyelid without any fall away. The trick to this one is to apply it last by patting it on with your finger as it melts the product slightly to ensure it stays on and that you get good buildup.

Things have been progressing quickly between myself and Charlotte Tilbury since then so on my last trip home it got spend-y. I picked up the Rock n Kohl: Bedroom Black – Iconic Liquid Eye Pencil and the Powder & Sculpt Brush to go with Bronze and Glow, which is maybe the only miss for me. It’s an okay brush but I prefer something a bit more dense and for the price I’m not sure it’s justifiable. It’s a good brush, but a more budget friendly option would do the same job. Then I decided to treat myself to a Matte Lipstick because I knew a drought was coming as it was a long way to Christmas back in August. There were so many that I needed wanted but I chose Walk Of Shame which is a more muted red with brown undertones-perfect for day or night. I love the formula of the lipsticks. They go on great and the really last and wear well. Can I have them all, please?

As for what’s next I’m starting to get the itch for another eyeshadow palette and possibly the new Magic Foundation. Hurry up Christmas!

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