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It’s no secret that I’m obsessed with eyebrows. From my first wax at Benefit I was hooked. It’s become the first thing that I notice about a person when I meet them or when I’m watching TV(Alicia on The Good Wife has amazing eyebrows!) Having darker and more defined eyebrows has completely changed my face and made me more confident in my appearance. Now I sometimes only do my eyebrows and apply a bit of mascara instead of the full whack of makeup every day. Here is my comprehensive guide to getting Cara Delevingne worthy brows…

A History of my Eyebrows
I’ve done everything to my eyebrows from waxing, plucking, threading and dying. I first got my eyebrows shaped at a Benefit Waxing counter which wasn’t at all painful, like I had imagined. I was curious though so I tried threading. I won’t lie, I found the threading painful for a while but that’s been my preferred course of action. I used The Body Shop for a while which cost €12 and they were great. My obsession with eyebrows led me to to The Brow Artist a few months ago. It was a hefty cost at €45 but my eyebrows looked amazing and that really sparked my obsession with my brows. The girls work some serious magic over there especially with their 18-24 Month Brows and fixing any past mistakes. At the moment I get them threaded at Beauty With Grace in Wexford Town which costs €10 for the threading and tinting-Grace does a really lovely job on them!

The Shape
Getting a proper shape on your eyebrows is half the battle. I think that it’s a good investment to go get them shaped by a professional. I know, I know you probably think that you are doing an awesome job yourself but you haven’t lived until you get them done properly! I get mine done every 3-4 months and in the meantime I maintain them myself with my trusty tweezers and by threading them myself. I taught myself how to do basic threading via the wonders of YouTube. I advise threading over waxing as it’s so much safer for your skin and you get a better shape. Waxing removes some of the collagen in your skin each time you wax which you’ll regret in years to come.

The Colour
For a long time I only got my eyebrows shaped because I’m so fair I was terrified to colour them. It was a big mistake. I stopped being afraid of colour after Lorna at The Brow Artist got hold of them and showed me what I was missing. Since then I’ve been a women obsessed. I’ve always tinted my own eyelashes black because they’re white, which I do using a lash tint that I bought from a local beauty suppliers, but Boots and most chemists sell similar kits. I now top up my eyebrows with the brown dye.

Filling In
Once you have a good shape and base colour the next step is filling in your eyebrows. Filing in your eyebrows gives them more definition and really frames your face. I have major love for the Benefit Eyebrow kit as it contains a power and wax. It’s very easy to use and it changes my whole look in seconds. I’ve used it everyday for 7 months and I still haven’t hit pan. I also apply a tiny bit of highlighter to my brow-bone just to finish off my brows.
The Essential Kit

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