A new adventure

Hellogiggles posted this article a few weeks ago and I honestly felt like it could have been an autobiography of my life. Seriously! I thought I would have everything figured out by now. Scratch that, I thought I would have everything figured out a year ago right when I finished my degree but I now realise what a completely ridiculous notion it was.

I thought I would go straight from Trinity into a great job and everything would be wonderful. I’d work for a year and then move to New York City. Plan. But it’s not a good time to fancy yourself as a journalist in Ireland and the money involved in moving to NYC is just depressing.

Once everything didn’t just slot into place I was left with a massive what the hell do I do with my life? It’s so tough to get any sort of job right now, even for the mean time. All the while I had a big massive What are you doing with your life? cloud hanging over me. The worst thing was the self-doubt. “Should I still be pursuing what I really wanted?” Honestly, I wasn’t sure what I really wanted anymore. And after being so sure that I would know and get what I wanted, it was terrifying.

In January I decided that I was going to go back to college and get my Masters and I ended up being accepted into Bath Spa. It’s funny though is that once I got accepted into Bath after so much work I was left asking myself, is this really for me? Yes, I want to be an author, but what if I did the course and still got nowhere? It would be soul-destroying. By chance I came across a course in DIT, Fashion Buying and Management. I knew that I still wanted to work in fashion or media so it seemed like a good idea.  I applied on a whim and got accepted the very next day. But the doors just kept opening for me-for once in my life!

I had applied to teach in South Korea earlier in the year, but I decided that it wasn’t for me. Two of my friends have been teaching in The Middle East since 2011 and they convinced me to apply even though the school year was rapidly approaching. This is the very long winded way of telling you-if you’re still here reading-that I ended up moving to Abu Dhabi in the space of two and a half weeks!

I’ve finally realised that I was pretty misguided to think I would have my life sorted out in any way by the time I graduated, if ever. But I think it’s the same mistake that most of my peers are making. It’s up to you what to do then. It really is sink or swim. I’m choosing a mad adventure for now. I know I’ll eventually figure out something right for me but the only way I’m going to do that is to try as much as possible, that’s what the next year is going to be about for me.

So far things have been going great in Abu Dhabi. I love the city and I’m so excited to start sharing it on the blog. I just have to overcome one major obstacle…getting Internet!

Stay tuned!

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