A new addition from Jo Malone

Jo Malone The Loop Dublin Airport Red roses and peony and blush suede

After I said my tearful goodbyes at the airport when I was leaving for Abu Dhabi I was faced with a lonely wait before my flight. So, in my emotional despair I made a few bold purchases. In my defence the savings in The Loop duty-free at Dublin Airport are incredible. The big one was a splurge in Jo Malone. I’m a massive fan of Jo’s Red Roses for years now, but I wanted something new. I had been lusting over the amazing body crème for ages so I decided to treat myself. I wanted something to compliment my Red Roses without getting the same. It was so interesting to test so many different scents layered with my Red Roses, but in the end I chose Peony & Blush Suede. It blends so well with the Red Roses fragrance as well as with my other perfumes to create something a little different. The body crème is just so luxurious my skin always feels amazing after I use it. It also makes my perfume so much last longer. Did I mention that it smells amazing even on it’s own?

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